Year Six Homework

You have got slightly longer than normal to complete this homework so please ensure that it is back in school on Monday 19th February ready to be marked and for feedback. 

Over half term it would be lovely if you could share your practise papers with an adult- discuss what questions you did well on and look at the areas you need to work on; these will be the areas that you need to revise. Think to yourself, what do I need to practise or remember before taking the next paper. 

It is so important that you take responsibility for your own progress and learning, for you to be able to see just what you can achieve! You might want to look at the following website to revise some of the areas you have identified- Mathsisfun

Lenten Boxes

Lent starts next Wednesday 14th February, over half term, it would be lovely if you could get to mass for Ash Wednesday, especially as we are studying the mass in RE lessons. Over half term you are required to make a Lenten box for your reception partner so that they can collect money from jobs they do around the house. They will be making one for you in return. We are continuing to raise money for Brian House during Lent. Lenten boxes need to be completed by Friday 19th February. 




  1. available
  2. category 
  3. communicate
  4. determined
  5. excellent
  6. marvellous
  7. profession



Complete the paper that you have been given. Remember to work to time. For the reasoning paper remember you have to try to complete it in 40 minutes. Get your parent to time you so that you have a realistic indication of your performance. Remember that we will be marking these together in class. Mistakes are welcome and no answer should be corrected following the completion of the paper. The revision books and folders need to be back into school on Monday 19th February with the paper completed. 

Make a note in your revision book of the areas that you find tricky - this will help you to revise. 


Please complete the reading booklet given in one hour. There will be three texts within, it is recommend that you spend approximately 20minutes reading one text and then answering the questions and continue until you complete the whole answer booklet. Again, we will be marking these in class, so please make sure you bring these on the first day back to school. 



A group of children in Year 5 will be performing Macbeth at the Grand on March 6th. The children have been invited to produce a promotional poster for the production. It must be drawn on the paper provided or a print out of this PDF with the heading (avoid blood and daggers). It would be great if one of us won! This needs to be brought in to school on Thursday! 

I was the English Coordinator at a small private school for several years, teaching both Year Five and Year Six English. I found that after Christmas (and most 11+ exams), my Year Six pupils were becoming bored and disinterested in the typical English homework they had been doing for years. I wanted to find something that they would enjoy and that was also a review (since at that point I had taught my students for four terms).

I came across a brilliant ‘project’ type homework where tasks were interlinked across a half-term. I can’t find the link now, but the first two I used were a ‘Mystery’ unit (the students choose an item that goes missing, describe the item, do a writing piece for the investigation, etc) and creating a class trip (students decide what the class trip will be, create advert, create information leaflet, etc). THEY LOVED IT! Each week they came back, eager to read their homework to each other and were genuinely enthusiastic about it. I was shocked!

I left these homework units in Word so that you can edit it to the needs of your class. Please let me know if there is any problem with the format, as I noticed the files are in very old Word, so I hope it works! I included a document with checklists of the genres so that if you want to change out a week that has a persuasive writing piece, but diary recounts would be better suited for that week/your students, you can just cut and paste! Additionally, I added reading comprehension tasks every other week, but if want to change that to spelling, grammar, additional writing, etc: just change it!

1) Copy the two pages double-sided. Students can illustrate the front cover (or you can add a picture before giving out).
2) Edit front cover for success criteria and when homework will be set and returned.
3) Give due dates and have children write these in.
4) Give appropriate paper needed for assignments (unless completed into exercise book)

-genre checklists
-'Butterfly Garden' homework tasks
-'Dream House' homework tasks
-'Mountain Climbing' homework tasks
-'Holiday' homework tasks
-'Fruit and Veggie Garden' homework tasks

Please check back in the future as I have more homework tasks that I am finishing up!

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