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Loves difficulty, magic, dreams. Sound familiar? It's all been done before. William Shakespeare has graciously agreed to let me smoosh some Twilight into his play (or vice versa). Consider it Shakesfic, or A Midsummer Twilight's Dream.

DiamondHeart78 was lovely and interviewed me on her amazing blog. I talk about the story and maybe give some hints. Here it is.

HeatherDawn made the most insanely beautiful banner for the story.

Time_Lights gave Bella gorgeous wings and the look on her face is perfection!

Jaimearkin used my favorite bug (fireflies)!

Here is a pretty little song that reminds me of Bella: Dream A Little Dream of Me


RhiaRose made a gorgeous Pressed for Timebanner.

Thank you x a thrillion bazillion to:

Domysticated who told this story to me in her review on Indie Fic Pimp. I am flabbergasted by her insight and ability to see things I haven't.

AND, I finally found the music for this story! Baby, I'm Yours(Arctic Monkeys cover). Play it after you read Chapter 17 "The End."


My precious! Here is the beautiful NEME banner by the beautiful Zigster.

Brooklyn Tattoo (As soon as I finish this story, I'm going straight there. *UPDATE* Did it! Robert is swoony and I love it, love it, love it!)

BTW, you don't even have to read the story! Just cut to the chase and watch this video: Academia, by Sia (Thank you a googolplex to Tiera-Tarie for this. It makes me float.)

There is an alchemy in sorrow. It can be transmuted into wisdom, which, if it does not bring joy, can yet bring happiness.

Pearl S. Buck

By: Andrew Lang (1844-1912)

The Crimson Fairy Book contains thirty-six stories collected from around the world and edited by Andrew Lang. Many tales in this book are translated, or adapted, from those told by mothers and nurses in Hungary; others are familiar to Russian nurseries; the Servians are responsible for some; a rather peculiarly fanciful set of stories are adapted from the Roumanians; others are from the Baltic shores; others from sunny Sicily; a few are from Finland, and Iceland, and Japan, and Tunis, and Portugal. No doubt many children will like to look out these places on the map, and study their mountains, rivers, soil, products, and fiscal policies, in the geography books. The peoples who tell the stories differ in colour; language, religion, and almost everything else; but they all love a nursery tale. The stories have mainly been adapted or translated by Mrs. Lang, a few by Miss Lang and Miss Blackley.

First Page:


By Various

Edited by Andrew Lang


Each Fairy Book demands a preface from the Editor, and these introductions are inevitably both monotonous and unavailing. A sense of literary honesty compels the Editor to keep repeating that he is the Editor, and not the author of the Fairy Tales, just as a distinguished man of science is only the Editor, not the Author of Nature. Like nature, popular tales are too vast to be the creation of a single modern mind. The Editor's business is to hunt for collections of these stories told by peasant or savage grandmothers in many climes, from New Caledonia to Zululand; from the frozen snows of the Polar regions to Greece, or Spain, or Italy, or far Lochaber. When the tales are found they are adapted to the needs of British children by various hands, the Editor doing little beyond guarding the interests of propriety, and toning down to mild reproofs the tortures inflicted on wicked stepmothers, and other naughty characters.

These explanations have frequently been offered already; but, as far as ladies and children are concerned, to no purpose... Continue reading book >>

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