Han China Vs Rome Essay

Han China and Imperial Rome were amazing empires in their own way. Both of these civilizations had ways of maintaining the political control over their people. Han China and Imperial Rome’s method in political control has many differences and similarities, but I believe there are more similarities than differences.

Han China’s political control was large. This empire developed a political philosophy called legalism. Legalism advocated clear rules and harsh punishments as means of enforcing the authority of the state. With this new philosophy, Shihuangdi decided to launch a military campaign to reunify China. This empire also believed military force was very important. Han China’s leading figure was an emperor. In their government, religion often took the major role in their society. Han China also had more equality in political control than Imperial Rome.

Imperial Rome’s political control was mainly based on social status. For instance wealthy men dominated over women, and poor men. They had a written code of law that offered plebeians (poorer class) protection from abuse. This gave the plebeians an opportunity to shape public policy. Romans took great pride in this, and believed they enjoyed greater freedom than most of their neighbors. They had a rule of law, the rights of citizens, the absences of pretension, upright moral behavior, and keeping ones word. This was later recognized as “the way of the ancestors.”

Once these empires political control were established, they shared many similarities. Both of them worked to unite the empires and create peace among them. They also both believed the gods helped them rule and succeed as an empire. Both of these civilizations also had a custom religion, Christianity in Imperial Rome, and Buddhism in China. Roman and Chinese authorities both had supernatural sanctions to support their rule. Romans began to regard their deceased emperors as gods and made a religious cult. Roman authorities persecuted the refusing Christians that didn’t take part.

Comparing the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire Essay

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The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were two grand empires that rose out of preexisting territories and provided relative peace over wide areas. The collapse of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE), which was the first great land-based empire in East Asia, came after a period of war, confusion, and tyrannical rule. Due to the political disorder that stemmed from the early dynastic activity, the emergence of the Han Dynasty (206 BCE- 228 CE) sprung to focus on restoring order. On the other hand, the rise of the Roman Empire (44 BCE- 476 CE) originated from consolidating authority over aristocratic landlords and overriding the democratic elements of the earlier Republic. Instead, the Roman Empire redefined the concept of “citizen” as subjects to…show more content…

As a result, the Hans possessed a massive continental landmass. Likewise, the Romans took over the inland sea areas along the Mediterranean. They merged the multitude of ethnic groups and city-states into a large single-unit political state. Through the assimilation of military power from the communities they conquered in Italy, Roman army accumulated and grew in control. Similar to the Hans glory over the nomads, the Roman army’s attacks against Carthage in the Three Punic Wars demonstrated the disciplined and honorable qualities of the army and their monopoly of power over the Mediterranean. As a result, both empires developed political integration.

Although the foundation of both empires was built upon political integration, their organization of government differed. The Han Dynasty’s centralized power and administration was based on a bureaucratic system while the Roman Empire’s imperial power was based on a one-man sovereign. In order to improve Chinese society, which was under tyrannical rule under the Qin Dynasty, the Han Empire centralized their government with the synthesis between an imperial family and the new scholar-gentry class under a bureaucratic system. By securing power to overthrow the Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang provided lands to those military supporters who helped with the task. From the land grants given, the royal families and supporters were entitled

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