Stunning Optical Illusion Photography Assignment

Remember those old monster movies, the kind with giant creatures chasing after people, destroying objects wherever they go? Some of them can fit in the palm of your hand with ease. Forced perspective photography is used make us, the viewers believe that certain objects are smaller or larger than they really are. It’s the manipulation of the human visual perception; some call it optical illusions.

Taking a forced perspective photo is not difficult and doesn’t require any special skills. All you need to have is creativity, a camera, a willing accomplice, the perfect setting and timing, the patience to choreograph your trick and mostly, imagination. As you can see in the following examples, you can try forced-perspective photography while travelling, at your backyard or at home. In some cases, it’s just being in the right place in the right time. If you have more of such photographs, do share them with us please.

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A Side Of Bokeh. Chowing down on a nice big bowl of lights. Yum yum yum. By the way, you can get these lights with help from a Bokeh Kit. (Image Source: TrevorLarson17)

Balanced. The second illusion you see here is that the girl is ever so slightly heavier than the guy. (Image Source: MoonShotPhotos)

Beautiful Portrait. I know we carry around pictures of our loved ones, but this is kinda too big. (Image Source: Kelleigh Strange)

Blow. Some people exhale smoke; other’s exchale balls of light. (Image Source: JeanFan)

Blowing In The Wind. Gosh, that’s a strong gust of breath. (Image Source: Jeppe Olsen)

Catch The Time. Sir, do you the time? Yeah, I literally do. (Image Source: hb19 (R.I.P))

Can I Help? Let’s give this balloon a little ‘lift’, shall we? (Image Source: hb19 (R.I.P))

Clearing The Rocks. ‘Spring’ cleaning. (Image Source: With Hope)

Coffee Break. Not the coffee break I had in mind. (Image Source: goudance03)

Crazy Balancing. One wonders what in the world is he standing on behind those bottles. (Image Source: Procedure1)

Crushed. Like puny, puny ants *evil laugh*. (Image Source: Alan Travers)

Crushing The Balloon. Plucking balloons out of the sky. Now, that’s a nice hobby. (Image Source: Pyrofloptic)

Dirty Giant Feet. I’ve got swollen feet! (Image Source: Mr. Flibble)

Don’t Drop It. Careful now. Be real careful. (Image Source: J e n s)

Eat Up The Car. What does metal taste like? (Image Source: twiga269)

Fingers Crossed. Magic. (Image Source: hb19 (R.I.P))

Fixing The Washington Monument. A fine example of how timing is essential in getting a good forced-perspective photograph. (Image Source: mjsmith01)

Giant Handshake. Let’s be nice to the giant man. (Image Source: Xanas Interlude)

God’s Canvas. The sky’s the limit! (Image Source: Delacorr)

Gravity Defying Act. I don’t know what is up and what is down anymore. (Image Source: PORG)

Gravity Fools. The runner gave the illusion away, but otherwise, it’s quite believable. (Image Source: sgoralnick)

Hold The Umbrella Tightly. At least no one is falling over in this one. (Image Source: Rachael Westergard)

Hot Dog …from space! (Image Source: toastforbrekkie)

Licking The Big Candy. How many licks does it take to get to the center of this candy? (Image Source: MoonShotPhotos)

Lights Out. Having the sun in a good old-fashion lantern. (Image Source: jrtce1)

Magic Lights. Fly, colorful circles, be free. (Image Source: White Dog And Wine)

Mind Your Step. Don’t want to destroy thousand-year old heritage sites now, do we? (Image Source: Lokesh Kumar Meerut)

Overpacked Bag. ” You think that maybe I’ve packed too much?” (Image Source: Alan Travers)

Painting The Canvas. A realistic work of art, don’t you think? (Image Source: Matt West)

Pisa, I Love You! “Tower love you too, strange tourist.” (Image Source: Marga V)

Road Climbing. Hanging by the finger tips. (Image Source: sgoralnick)

Running The Stairs. Perfect timing, perfect action. (Image Source: Anna Constantinova)

Seeing Further. Next step, her shoulder! (Image Source: Accretion Point)

Sit On The Street. Where IS that bus? (Image Source: sgoralnick)

Sleeping Over Water. Don’t they look like they are walking through a wall? (Image Source: wzopf)

Stop The Car! I can’t, I’m too small! (Image Source: Tristan27)

Super Balance. After balancing two adults, now it’s her turn to do a balancing act. (Image Source: MoonShotPhotots)

Spoon Bridge. Cherries, anyone? (Image Source: BellaDiLo)

Standing On The Hat. Perhaps she couldn’t find any rocks to stand on. (Image Source: Twin-Colour)

Standing On My Palm. What every little girl wants: a real-life doll. (Image Source: fairydoors)

Tasting The Rainbow. Tastes like gold. (Image Source: ClickClickClickClick)

Ticket Man. Note the resemblance. (Image Source: VenegasDavid)

Tiny Dancer. Like a ballerina. (Image Source: MoonShotPhotos)

Too Thirsty. When you see it… the guy was sitting on a sandal. (Image Source: Maybemaq)

Wonderful Fountain. Refreshing, isn’t it? (Image Source: Nean.Tambourine)

Optical illusion photography is an impression of a visible object or phenomenon that is not appropriate to reality, i.e. optical illusion of sight. Today, such an optical illusion is specially or purposefully photographed to make us take a closer look at the photograph. A concomitant phenomenon is the perspective in photography. This is one of the techniques that gives the volume and expressiveness of the picture, in other words, it is the impression of the depth of space that goes into the distance. It arises from the perception of several plans and the presence in the field of view of large (as close) and small (because of their distance from the observer) objects. This occurs more naturally during photography, rather than using photo post production services and all sorts of photo manipulations. 

In our article today we will discuss the most striking examples of optical photo illusion, its creators and how to create optical illusions in photography. So, let's begin.

Incredible optical illusion photography samples

The era of digital development has opened before any person the opportunity to become a photographer, express themselves through photographic creativity. Now you will not be amazed at all with properly made photos and given examples before and after retouch, as sometimes it is enough to create them only with a digital camera and a good ability to correct your own pictures and use headshot retouching in computer editors. 

Under the influx of numerous of sufficiently high-quality photographs, capturing the space of printed publications and the Internet, the thought, creativity and originality of photographer’s thinking come to the fore in the evaluation of him. Based on this, there are more and more photographers using a variety of illusion photography tricks in their own pictures. Optical illusion is an inaccuracy in the visual perception of a person, conditioned by the physiology of our natural vision and the extraordinary suggestibility of the brain.  

Optical illusions are currently actively used in artistic photography, painting and design.

The various optical illusions caused by the inaccuracy of the correction processes of the visual image always lead to genuine interest, thanks to originality and its unusualness. There are many optical distortions and illusions that photographers can use in their own works. This is the location of objects and subjects, the correct lighting or knowledge of what is mirror illusion photography, and certainly photo editors. But one of the most common methods is experiments with the possibility in photography.

Ordinary photographers also resort to all sorts of illusion photography tricks, only they achieve their results by building the right light in the studio or other tricks that you can learn about here “About Studio Photography - Reality Behind Photography”.

Unusual photographs are obtained on the basis of a simple optical illusion or knowledge of what is mirror illusion photography, at a time when the closer objects are moving away and the distant objects are approaching, the huge objects in the picture seem smaller and the smaller ones, on the contrary, are larger. In practice, it is possible to take perspective distortions in a photograph, for example, with a clamped diaphragm.

Some illusion photography artists use a double possibility in their images creating optical illusions that make the viewer look at the same photo from different points, trying to catch the individual details hidden from the first sight. Others skillfully manage the volumetric surfaces and chiaroscuro. Still, others photograph on an open diaphragm to get a sharp front plan and a blurry background for fascinating optical distortions.

Due to his own visual perception a person determines the size of the object by its background, that's why all photographers learn how to create optical illusions in photography for obtaining unusual optical illusions.


Another effect of human vision is that a person sees only the object of interest and everything else as he moves away from the object loses in the saturation of colors, brightness and sharpness. Based on these oversights in the perception of the mind, mind trick illusion pictures turn out to be absurd and paradoxical, and from time to time witty and simply amusing. In any case, they fascinate the viewer, who constantly raises the same question: how was it done?

The best photographers among all illusion photography artists 

Consider several representatives of this direction of photography and a selection of their photographs. 

#1 Illusions of photographer Li Wei

Photographers who use optical illusions in their own work, from year to year is become more and more. Among them, it is necessary to note one or two of famous illusion photography artists. First of all, the Chinese photographer Li Wei whose photos arouse sincere surprise. 

He became widely known for his extraordinary photos, on which he distorts the possibility so that people depicted in the pictures, as if would be in a state of weightlessness, flight or falling from a huge height. 





What is most interesting, Li Wei does not apply computer graphics or editing when creating photographs. Each photo is preceded by a long preparation and correct technical calculations. In order to transform the illusion into reality, the Chinese photo artist resorts to using iron cables, mirrors, acrobatics and scaffolding. Li Wei perfectly knows what is mirror illusion photography and how with it you can project your own image anywhere. His works refer to the pictures that play with your eyes, they cause delight, surprise and the question “How?”. 

In the works of Li Wei any viewer tries to find a line between the illusory nature of the world and the reality of the world. Photos of the Chinese master are successfully demonstrated at exhibitions in the world and are published on the covers of many respectable publications.

#2 Chema Madoz 

Another photographer working in this direction is the Spaniard Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz, who creates black-and-white optical illusions hidden objects under the pseudonym Chema Madoz. He is fully confident that everyday things and objects can imagine new worlds, it is only necessary to look at them in a new way. Chema Madoz creates on his own photographs tremendous illusions, which bring the opposition of reality and the illusory world to the point of nonsense.



 A Spanish photographer sees his main task in forcing a person to think non-stereotypically, without any limitations and red lines. On his mind teaser pictures it is possible to notice the amazing forms and imagination of space, hidden among simple things, which causes a lot of associations in the mind of the viewer and makes him think. Chema Madoz opens up to the public a new perception of reality, a parallel world that excites the minds and explores new horizons.

#3 Michael Hughes

A simpler, but no less fascinating embodiment of optical illusion is offered by photographer Michael Hughes. He actively travels the world and always replenishes his own collection of unique photo-images, in which the monuments of architecture and famous sights merge with inexpensive souvenirs.



The idea of creating optical illusion photography came to him one day, while, having stayed on the tourist platform at Cape Lorelei he picked up the fallen postcard he had acquired as a gift for his daughter. The image on the card accidentally hit the exact point from which it was performed. From this moment, Michael Hughes began to photograph souvenirs against the background of real historical attractions, thereby connecting the picture of a real and unnatural world.

At a time when you can catch a glimpse of any Hughes’s photo image, then it seems that you have a real architectural monument before you, but you should focus on the picture, then immediately notice the hand that supports the souvenir and open the optical illusion. Creating similar images, which at first glance seem uncomplicated, requires a lot of hard work, because the photographer has to do about 50 pictures, at a time determining the position and the optimal angle, so that the souvenir carefully fits into the surrounding landscape. Yes, sometimes it is much more difficult than an ordinary photo session, because here you will not use a portrait retouch to fix the flaws.

#4 Bodyscapes of Allan Teger

American photographer Alan Teger for many years was engaged in promoting and creating his own unique project called Bodyscapes (“Landscapes of the body”). He photographs miniature objects and small toys on the human body. Thus, the photographer says that at the same time there are a couple of realities or several pictures that can be seen two ways. 




 Since behind intricate landscapes on black-and-white photographs of Alan Teger a naked human body actually hides. Here we see a group of people who bathe in the belly-button, filled with water, skiers descending the bare chest, or acrobats performing some tricks on the buttocks.

#5 Photo artist Felice Varini

Own unthinkable 3d optical illusion art is beings famous by Swiss photographer Felice Varini. In his pictures, figures drawn by hand are skillfully combined with photography, transforming into a beautiful example of modern craftsmanship. Abstract illusion paintings on the wall and on the facades turn flat images into three-dimensional pictures, which practically hang in the air. 

Along with this, in order to notice the image conceived by the painter, one must look at the photograph only at a certain angle, from the only suitable point. For such unique images, Felice Varini has to work hard to take into account all the surface irregularities, the angles of incidence of light, the dimensions of the buildings for optical illusion. In his own work, he uses a special screen projector.




Photos of Felice Varini are exhibited in the world, leading to a genuine interest of the public.

In addition, in everyday situations it is possible to create extraordinary shots with catchy non-standard ideas based on the application of illusion photography tricks. For this, the photographer needs only to have a certain imagination, a minimal set of equipment and creative thinking of knowledge about photographic creativity. Photos with optical illusions help to better understand the nature of the perception of the image by a person.

#6 Fine workman Eric Johansson

Professional photographer and retoucher from Sweden Eric Johansson lives and works in Berlin. Inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali, Maurits Escher and Rob Gonsalves, he generates extraordinary images. His photo manipulation, built up with the help of a graphic editor from own photos, makes you look at things more widely and realize that the world around you is limited only by our imagination.

“Go your own road” was “written” in 2008 and blazed across the Internet. In 2009, Erik became already an internationally renowned master, having started cooperation with such large companies as Adobe, Microsoft and Google. 

Johansson carefully plans the implementation of each idea, which may take several months. He chooses a location of photoshoot, takes pictures, and then the images go through a process of digital editing and the overlay of numerous of layers using Photoshop and various photo color correction services to create a solid, realistic frame. For example, to create a picture “Landfall” it was necessary to impose on each other 235 layers! 

The main tools of this unusual and very talented photo artist are the cameras “Hasselblad H5D-40” and “Hasselblad HCD 35-90” and, of course, the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop CC. According to Johansson’ words he uses photography as a way to collect material that allows him to realize his amazing illusion photography ideas. 



Today Johansson is working on his own and custom projects, but his projects still remain for Eric in the first place. 

Eric Johansson creates realistic photos of incredible scenes; he catches ideas, not moments. As in a witty guide, the magician of Photoshop describes the principles he uses to translate fantasy scenarios into reality, while preserving them visually plausible.

Usually the idea of using this or that optical illusion is born spontaneously and is embodied in beautiful photographs. Such unimaginable shots with all evidence justify that creative photography has no boundaries.

Amazing illusion photography ideas for you

And now we offer you to see the most unusual and interesting optical illusions that created the most real illusion photography artists. Agree, do not just choose the most appropriate angle for capturing an interesting moment, but our masters managed to find this magic point and the screen received real masterpieces, pictures of optical illusions. Of course, someone will say that there is nothing complicated in this, you just need a camera, but sometimes with its help you can achieve good results. Choose the right photographic equipment will help advice in our article “How To Choose The Best Camera For An Amateur Photographer”.  

To understand how this is not easy, you just need to do it yourself, another try to do something like that. Here, after all, the developed fantasy should be in the person and creative thinking at the proper level, and, of course, it is necessary to have some knowledge in the art of creating photographs and how to create optical illusions in photography. Optical illusions always cause genuine interest in people; these pictures are always interesting and unusual. And a talented photographer will always be able to see funny moments in any, even the most everyday situation. Some pictures are born and according to a previously invented scenario, but more often still such shots are not planned, and the idea is born spontaneously and is embodied in wonderful photographs.



There can be all kinds of natural phenomena, the sky, unusual clouds, the moon and the sun often enter the lens, of course all sorts of bizarre landscapes. In general, there are a lot of reasons to create optical illusions; you just need a desire to show your wild fantasy. 

So, we look at the most interesting photos of optical illusions that can become the basis of your illusion photography ideas. 




 Why are we so fond of optical illusions? Perhaps, on a subconscious level, we like to deceive ourselves? Many get a lot of pleasure from such deceiving pictures and sculptures, and besides, this is an excellent source for creating unforgettable photos! In any case, optical illusions are worth it to give them time. 





Be inspired by the above ideas, and technically you can always count on us. Any service you can discuss in detail with our consultants who will perform all the necessary photo manipulation, while offering affordable photo editing prices, so take the camera in hand and create your amazing illusion pictures. 

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