Music Appreciation Term Papers

The Top 20 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics About Music

Music is a blessing. It’s something that everybody enjoys, and anyone can feel. It’s the way the soul of the artist expresses itself into this dimension if it can’t be done through words. If you want to write a research paper about it, you will have to keep in mind that it will be pretty time consuming , but I suppose that won’t be such a big problem since you already have the necessary time to complete this task.

  1. Genres. There are multiple genres of music, so make sure you present them all and how they affect the listener. You can’t talk about taste in something with other people and hope you are right, because everybody is right in this particular area, so try to be objective and present all of them.
  2. The effects on the brain. Did you know that listening to music is the only activity that uses all of our brain? This is an interesting fact, and depending on the music, it can become quite a tool.
  3. History. Music has evolved in many ways try to present it’s “map”.
  4. Psychology of Music. There is an aspect regarding psychology here as well so make sure you write about it if you want an interesting research paper.
  5. Musicology. Yeah there is a science who is called musicology, fun fact. Make sure you try and research about it and see if it suits you.
  6. Music in Commercials. How it’s being used and why, how it affects the viewer, these are all things you should take into consideration.
  7. Using music for education. This will appeal greatly to the younger generation. They can’t learn a lesson in a hour, but if they hear a song for two or three times, they already know it all. So this might be a good and useful tool for any teacher that has the courage to “sing his lessons”.
  8. Music Theory.
  9. Music Therapy. It’s used around the world since ancient times.
  10. Famous musicians.
  11. Famous composers.
  12. Philosophy of Music. Yeah something like that exists.
  13. Opera.
  14. Different Era’s in music.
  15. Music in Films.
  16. Music from Shakespeare. It’s a classic writer, present it and analyze what it’s being used.
  17. The history of the piano
  18. Teaching music to the younger generation.
  19. Great women in music.
  20. Music from different countries.

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Music Appreciation

Music has long been considered to be the language of the soul yet in many schools today it is eliminated as easily as if it was a cooking class. The ability of the human mind to hear music and find inspiration can help people create great things in other areas away from music. Music appreciation can help train people in what to listen for in a musical piece and to promote an understanding and appreciating all genres of music. From classical music to rap music all can find a home in the teachings and understanding of music appreciation. Music appreciation makes students enjoy music more and able to appreciate those people who are different in culture. Yet Music Appreciation is in danger of being eradicated from schools all over the US.

Why Music Appreciation is In Danger

The educational system in the US has been under intense scrutiny for many years. As the test results of our students are compared to other students from countries across the globe, Americans were not doing as well. To find answers, the government started to implement programs of basic core curriculums that were not based in any kind of research. Standards based education became requirements and as the schools struggled to fit all of these requirements into the schedule, other classes needed to go. On the surface, music appreciation does not seem like a necessity when you compare it to math, or science. Yet there is a severe shortsightedness applied when the arts are eliminated to try to create better students.

Budgets Cut Music

When it comes to budget cuts, schools are continually faced with them and trying to make the educational ends meet can be a difficult thing. Again it is going to be the arts that the common person is going to look at and deem unimportant. However it is the arts that champion creativity in the mind and that creativity is the most important factor in solving any problem that mankind is going to face. Intelligence is not just a measure of how quickly those algebraic equations are solved, but it is a measurement of how well problems are solved.


Music appreciation isn’t a class that should be the first one cut when budgets get tight or curriculum needs to be revamped. In fact the arts need to be promoted even further in order to give children the ability to learn how to think creatively and problem solve whatever dilemma comes their way. Creativity is promoted through the arts and the music appreciation is one of the most important. Music is the language of the soul and the soul will define the character of a man.

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